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Pictures from Blue's Big Trip

Blue's Big Trip

Route 66 – Olympics Avoidance – and Pacific Coast Highway

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Aug '12

They’ve All Gone to Look For America

So then. I’m back and it’s a fortnight since the trip ended. It took over a week for me to stop waking up in the early hours of the morning, not knowing where I was and thinking I needed to get up and hit the road. The Big Trip wasn’t so much mind-blowing as mind-expanding. […]

Aug '12

Barstow, CA to Santa Monica, California

Journey’s End! It was with a degree of sadness that we set out for our last day in the saddle leaving Barstow and heading for Santa Monica. On one section of Route 66 which, as was often the case, rang alongside a railway, we came upon one of those massive freight trains with 2 or […]